Thursday, September 18, 2008

Site Launch Oct 1, 2008!

We are happy to announce that eBandLive will go live with our Premium Design service on October 1, 2008! Also going live on this date will be our featured band website, Ready Goes, who will be sporting a fresh new look crafted by none other than us. Are you still there? Because I'm about to slap you in the face with another cheek-numbing scoop. Also on October 1, 2008 we will be launching our brand spankin new website! I know you've all grown to love this blog but it's time to say, a-buh bye.

Premium Design
As I stated earlier, our featured band will be Ready Goes, of Minneapolis MN. The band will be sporting one of our premium designs. Premium designs are custom made designs for those who want a more polished look. We work with the band to create a unique one-off website customized to the band's taste/image.

Don't worry, our ready-made design subscription service will be launched very soon. In the meantime, keep coming back because we'll be posting more featured bands! And don't forget about Oct 1!


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