Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Websites for the musical masses!

A few weeks ago we launched our Premium Design service but don't think that's all we have to offer. ebandLive's flagship service hasn't been launched....yet! What is the flagship service? Our Ready Made service.

Ready Made Websites
Ok so you're the lucky guy in the band who's mission it is to get your band a swanky website. Well, wouldn't it be great to not have to bother taking the hours upon days upon weeks it takes to design and develop your band's website only to hear your singer say he hates it? Ok so maybe you don't know how to do all that fancy web design stuff and you have to pay someone to do it for you. Like,.......that one kid down the street who's really "into computers." Sure you only paid him $100 right? you're stuck with a website that looks like it cost $100. Is that the kind of image you want for your band? (Psst...the answer is No. You were better off without a website) Worse yet, you go to a professional design firm that does great work but they want you to fork over $4,000! (For a design an insurance company could've used, no less). So what's a rockstar gotta do to get a band website around here?

Fear not, my friends. ebandLive's Ready Made service provides bands with the means to obtain their own website easily, stylishly and affordably. The service addresses 3 major hurdles bands face: Ease, Style and Price. EASE - because it must be easy for fans to use and easy for you to sign up, setup and manage. Our content management system (aka Backstage) is here to make managing your site a breeze and our video tutorials will make it even easier. STYLE - almost self-explanatory, right? In order to be recognized, your image has to be top notch whether you're a weekend band or a band with bigger plans. We offer a pool of highly stylish ready-made designs. Simply select a design that you feel best suits your band. PRICE - no matter what the economy is like, band budgets are tight! Plus, your guitarist can't seem to hold down a steady job so you've got to make up for it. But that's another story. You pay only $19.95 per month. Cancel at any time; no contracts or committments.

What do you get?
I'm glad....I asked. Features like: fan mailing list, news, shows, blogging, audio, video, pictures, links, analytics, email, web hosting, multi-level users, RSS feeds, mobile/iphone versions of your site and more. Not to mention we've got a long list of new features we are excited about adding after our initial launch. Those extra features will be provided to you at NO additional cost.

When when when?
Hey, relax! Not so fast hot shot. We're still busy turning knobs, switching switches and pulling levers. The Ready Made service is not quite ready for prime time. We want to make sure we've got a solid product before we launch. We are estimating (emphasis on estimating) that our Ready Made service will launch sometime early next year, but possibly sooner. Go on over to our main site and signup for our newsletter to stay informed!


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