Thursday, August 28, 2008

Danger Is My Middle Name

I wish it was my middle name. I don't HAVE a middle name! But don't get me started on's another story altogether. Anyway... we're excited to report that Chicago rock band, Danger Is My Middle Name, is expected to sign on as a Legend member on eBand. DIMMN has recently come off the prestigious Van's Warped Tour where Katie and I managed to catch their awesome live show as they pulled through Minneapolis. We have plenty more big band signups to announce as soon as they are confirmed. Soon, eBand will become available to the general public although we're not ready to announce that date yet. Each and every delay is worthwhile because it means that eBand will be that much better. Like buttah only smoother, or something.

Things are moving along at a steady pace. Dan has been hard at work on the front-end web pages and is nearly complete, minus some copy work and tweaks here and there. Jeremiah has been finalizing the sign up process and tidying up the Backstage. Last night's meeting was highly productive. We defined some major improvement projects after the initial launch. We're all so stoked about that. We can't tell you yet, all I can say is stay tuned. :)


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