Tuesday, August 5, 2008

eBandLive 101

What is eBandLive?
eBandLive.com is a web service for musicians and artists of all genres that provides stylish ready-made websites. Simply follow the SignUp wizard, select a 30-day Free trial package or a monthly subscription (no contract/committment) and within minutes your professional looking website will be online and ready to rock. Want to stay fresh and sport a new design after a month or so? No problem, just login to the Backstage and select a new design from a pool of available designs and within seconds your website will have a brand new look without having to mess with confusing CSS or HTML! Our designers have put in countless hours of blood, sweat and tears to make the options for your band's website look and work better than any other band website creator out there. And that's not all... we will be constantly producing and releasing new designs for you to choose from.

What if I want a completely custom design?
No problemo compadre. Sign up for our Legend package and we will work with you to design and implement a totally custom design specifically for you and only you. Our Legend designs will not only rock your fans faces off but they will use the eBandLive Backstage Engine making your site super easy to update.

What features does eBandLive have?
Thought you'd never ask:
* News
* Shows
* Blog
* Links
* Mailing List
* Media uploads (music, videos, photos)
* Multi user system
* Unlimited email accounts
* Your own .COM domain address
* Beautiful ready made designs

What kind of totally sweet stuff are you working on for future enhancements?
* iTunes music store integration
* Online store for merchandise
* iPhone and Mobile versions of your site
* Update your site through your iPhone

Why a monthly fee?
Simple. Why pay in excess of up to $3,000 in one GINORmous lump sum for a professional website when it's more economical to pay a low monthly fee of about $20? Do the math. (

Who is it for?
Bands, solo artists, musicians and DJs of ALL genres!

Hopefully that gives you all a little insight as to what eBandLive is all about. We're truckin along and things are progressing. We hope to announce a release date soon. So once again, please keep your browser pointed here for the latest and greatest.


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