Thursday, August 21, 2008

eBandLive: Creative Director, Partner

Creative Director, Partner

Dan's in charge of all of the graphic design at eBandLive. Recently, Dan's talents have been put to use in developing the front-end, the logo and the "look and feel" of the content management system. His eye for creating functional user interfaces has proven to be an enormous asset. eBand would not be as pretty to look at if it weren't for him!
Some of Dan's favorite bands are Butchwalker, Ryan Adams, Metrostation, Motion City Soundtrack, Wilco, as well as the new Linkin Park cd, Minutes to Midnight.
If Dan were to be stuck on an island he would want some shoes, sunscreen, H2O, Butchwalker, and a solar audio machine (his words, not ours!). Dan rocks the four string axe in one of Minneapolis' hottest bands, Standard Thompson (

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